Katie’s Biography

Over the last few years Katie O’Grady has become one of the Northwest’s most sought after actresses. Her TV credits include: 5 seasons of Portlandia (IFC), Leverage (TNT), and Season 2 of Grimm (NBC). She has shared screen time alongside Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Justin Long, Diane Lane, Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Katie recently returned from NYC where she shot the film I WAS THERE about a 9/11 firefighter. Her passion for acting has taken her from Los Angeles to New York City to study with renowned coaches Susan Batson and Laurel Smith.

In 2008 Katie started Alcove Productions, LLC. She produced and starred in the critically acclaimed film RID OF ME. RID OF ME was released in theaters with a NEW YORK TIMES Critic pick stamp and rave reviews. The film is currently available on Showtime, Netflix, and DVD. Katie’s performance of Meris earned her a spot on a prestigious Oscar watch list and helped get her nominated by the Women’s Film Critics Circle for Best Comedic Actress alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Sara Jessica Parker.

“Rid of Me is a hilarious, meticulously crafted and heart-felt little film, and features a true comedic star turn from actress Katie OʼGrady.” -Francesca McCaffery

Other films by Alcove Productions include; HOT IN THE ZIPPER, a 1940s screwball comedy, that premiered at Palm Springs Film Festival, COURAGE IN A TIME OF FEAR: A Practical Guide to Ending Bullying, a short documentary/narrative about bullying available on DVD, and THE GIFT OF GRAVITY a short film focusing on teen girls and bullying. Alcove also produces commercials and music videos.

In 2008 Katie founded an acting company for kids and teens in the NW, and it has become one of the premiere acting studios to train and launch young actors careers. She believes all kids should have a safe place to express themselves and explore their creativity. Working with kids and teens has blessed her immensely and bolstered her passion for keeping kids safe in our schools.

“One must go on, go on until one can go no further, then one step beyond that.” -Eleonora Duse