O’Grady listed on Oscar watch list for BEST ACTRESS:

MOVIELINE- “…Rid of Me, director James Westby’s curious hybrid of psychological drama and pitch-black comedy that, if there’s any justice, should make actress Katie O’Grady a star.”

MOVIELINE- “…yet turns the page on those protagonists thanks in large part to O’Grady’s intrepid physical shape-shifting. She’s all in as Meris, literally from an opening scene as bold (and no doubt polarizing) as any faced by this year’s Tribeca audiences.”

NBC-“O’Grady almost singlehandedly carries this film, with a role that takes her from mousy alternative wallflower to angry punk to a happy medium. She’s kinda amazing to watch, she’s got one of those faces, not unlike Kristen Wiig, that she can transform from homely to pretty right before your eyes.”

indieWIRE- “Katie O’Grady charmingly inhabits the inner workings of one woman’s quest to be herself even when she’s on track to becoming someone else.”

VIMOOZ- “Rid of Me is a hilarious, meticulously crafted and heart-felt little film, and features a true comedic star turn from actress Katie O’Grady.” westby-and-star-katie-ogrady.html

NEW JERSEY NEWSROOM- Katie O’Grady is adorable as Meris Canfield.”

MOVIE BUZZERS- “Katie O’Grady (Management) as Meris is both sad and hopeful. We see her as someone we can relate to, and we have no idea what she will do next. I loved the character and am looking forward to seeing what O’Grady will do next. She seems to have a similarity to Kristin Wiig in that she can pull off hilarity as well as drama.”

BIG PICTURE- She gives a bravura portrayal that will have you rooting hard for her, even while you don’t totally approve of a lot of her behaviors.”

SCREEN COMMENT- O’Grady is vulnerable and captivating and alive.”

Check out the article on Katie & Rid of Me; Tribeca’s 1st for the 2011 festival:

Rid of Me, an ingenious black comedy that comes at you like a horror movie before settling down into something quieter but equally skin crawling. — The New York Times Critics Pick 2011